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Artero Buddy - Mini Eye & Face Comb

Artero Buddy - Mini Eye & Face Comb

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Regular Chrome pin 20mm


To remove secretions from the eye area, and to break knots from in-between paw pads.


All types.

FOR: Dogs and cats

SIZE:  5.1'' x 1.1''

Characteristics of the Artero Mini Face and Eyes comb Nature Collection P963

This dog comb is ideal for opening the coat, including cats and rabbits, and keeping their hair free of foreign particles and dirt. Its teeth, with rounded tips, allow brushing dogs of different sizes, breeds and coat density.

- The total length of the comb is 5.1".

- The length of the teeth is 1.1".

- Chrome-plated finish that allows the hair to slide easily between the teeth.

- Rounded and ergonomic handle for better handling and comfort.

How to use the Artero Mini Face and Eyes comb for dogs Nature Collection P963 ?

This comb for cats and dogs facilitates the cleaning of the cat's or dog's eyebrows and beard area.

-Carefully comb from root to tip of the specific areas needed.

-If a lot of dirt or debris accumulates, it is best to remove it with a napkin or cloth.

-Use this dog comb in the direction of hair growth, never in the opposite direction, so as not to hurt the dog.

-Once the combing is finished, remove the hairs and particles that may remain between the teeth.



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