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Artero X-Mint Oral Spray

Artero X-Mint Oral Spray

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EFFECT: Instantly eliminates bad breath and prevents plaque.

Maintains oral hygiene.

- Pleasant taste.

- Protects enamel.

- Easy to apply with diffuser spray.

- Eliminates bad breath instantly and effectively and long-lasting.

- Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages. Also in puppies.

- Delays the formation of tartar or the creation of plaque.

- Presentation in spray.


Highlighted ingredients: Mint and Aloe Vera.


Spray 3 times directly in the mouth of the pet. The process can be repeated on the same day, as many times as necessary.

How to remove bad breath in dogs or cats?

It is much simpler than you think, every dog or cat owner should maintain a regular habit of cleaning their teeth.

To eliminate bad breath easily and quickly, apply Artero X-Mint mouth spray directly in the pet's mouth, from the first moment of use you will be able to observe the effectivness of the product.

Benefits of pet oral care.

Brushing is often overlooked and is very important, as it will help prevent plaque or tartar, gum infections or cavities in both dogs and cats.



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