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Docile 豆柴

Docile Probiotics Nutrition Gel 豆柴益生菌

Docile Probiotics Nutrition Gel 豆柴益生菌

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- Constipation, Diarrhoea 便秘腹泻

- Loss of Appetite 食欲不振

- Poor Immunity 免疫力差

- Stress Response 应激反应 豆柴益生菌,为你解决问题 🤩

✅ Anti Stress 抗应激

✅ Prevent and improved diarrhoea 有助预防并改善腹泻

✅ Promote the health of the intestinal digestive system 促进肠道消化系统健康

✅ Regulate the normal function of the tissues and organs of the system 调节系统组织器官正常功能

✅ Recover after surgery and adjust after receiving antibiotics 术后和使用抗生素后的恢复期

✅ Alleviate problems such as poor digestion of the stomach 恢复肠道功能

✅ Alleviate poor appetite and fecal stench 减缓食欲不佳和粪便恶臭


Product | 产品 : Docile Probiotic 豆柴益生菌营养膏

Nett Weight | 净含量 : 100 G (10 Sachets) Shelf Life |

保质期 : 24 Months | 24 个月 Suitable |

适用对象 : Dog / Cat 3 Months Above | 三个月以上猫 / 犬 


Feeding Guidelines

喂养指南 :

- Below 10kg | 10kg以下 : Once a day, Half a sachet per dosage | 1天1次,每次半条 - 10-25kg : Once a day, One sachet per dosage 1天1次,每次1条

- 25kg and above | 25kg 以上 : Once a day, Two sachets per dosage 1天1次,每次2条

Healing Stage 恢复期 :

- Below 10kg | 10kg以下 : One day twice, Half a sachet per dosage | 1天2次,每次半条

- 10-25kg : One day twice, One sachet per dosage 1天2次,每次1条

- 25kg and above | 25kg 以上 : One day twice, Two sachets per dosage 1天2次,每次2条



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