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MAG U+ Super Concentrated Fish Oil 100 Capsules

MAG U+ Super Concentrated Fish Oil 100 Capsules

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MAG gathers global research and development wisdom, utilizes cutting-edge development technology, exquisite production technology, scientific nutritional ratios, and pure natural raw materials to continuously break through the limitations of product technology and provide pet owners with higher standards and better quality high-end pets. Nutritional health products, adhering to the caring concept of "Let's give it more" and advocating global care for pet health

IFOS five-star certification

No other pet fish oil brand has this certificate. IFOS is the world's authoritative third-party fish oil testing organization. IFOS five-star certification is a strict international standard in terms of safety, pollutants, heavy metals, oxidative stability and biological efficacy.


- Human-grade quality, with IFOS five-star certification (only achieved with sufficiently high quality)

- rTG extraction process, achieving the highest purity fish oil, making it more easily absorbed (due to this extraction process achieving 95%)

- Helps with shedding, itchy skin, and dandruff issues

- Prevents skin diseases, improves dry hair

Feeding Guide:

2-10kg :1-2pcs / 11-25kg :2-4pcs(Once Daily)



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